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Skin Care

SK II Stempower Magnetic Eyecare Kit

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SK-II’s newest innovation in eye care from SK-II’s most awarded anti-aging technology, this soft, smooth cream helps give you bigger and younger looking eyes. 


Formulated with a potent anti-aging combination of Stem-Acanax Eye Complex and Pitera™, STEMPOWER EYE CREAM triggers a chain reaction from within, provides radical firmness on three crucial points around the eyes, helps strengthen the skin and enhances its natural ability to renew itself, reducing sagging of skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Most users agree that their eyes feel younger and brighter after just two weeks.



A soft and light cream that’s easily absorbed by your skin.


How To Use:

After cleansing, condition the skin with a clear lotion and milky lotion, take the amount about size of 0.5cm in diameter and very gently spread over around eyes using the ring finger.

1. Slide your ring finger below your eye from the outer corner to the inner corner, move it upwards to your brow bone, then slide it across the top of your eye to the side.

2. Massage the outer eye corners with a circular movement, circling inwards before gently stretching the skin down the sides of your face. Do this five times.


3. Press on each of the five pressure points - three below your eye, one in the center above your eye, and one in the above outer corner - for three seconds. Do this two times on each pressure point.

4. Microwave a wet towel for one minute to warm it, then apply it over the eye area for 10 minutes. Move your eye balls with a circular motion during this 10 minute period.


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