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Hair Care

Prettia Bubble Hair Dye
Price: No additional charge

★ ★Best Selling Hair Dye in Asia!!*★ ★

Prettia (Kao Japan) Bubble Foam Hair Coloring Kit is an innovative D.I.Y hair coloring product that uses foam to dye the hair. Unlike traditional hair color kit, it turns the coloring agents into bubbles!! Hair colorings are now as simple as like washing hairs. Thanks to this super easy & convenient hair coloring mechanism.

It contains the extracts of Amino and Royal Jelly to minimize the dyeing damage and restore the hair. 

The dye chemicals can transform into foam to blend into hair evenly and effectively. The formula does not have an unpleasant or pungent smell. The finish looks smoothly shiny and the hair does not feel dry or damaged.

Beauty Bloggers in Asia has reviewed it as being an easy and quick application that works for everyone.

*It NEVER stains.
*It is a permanent hair dye.

Kit Contains:
*No.1 Hair color 40ml. (small)
*No.2 Hair color 60ml (large)
*Foamer Cap
*After Color Moisturizer/Treatment (4ml)

How to use:
*Use it just like washing your hair.
*Perform Skin Allergy Test 48hours before using this product.
* Wear gloves before handling this product.
* Make sure your working area is cleaned.
* Use this product on a DRY hair.

1. Add the No.1 Bottle into No.2 Bottle.
2. Cap the No.2 Bottle and shake well to mix the content.
3. Switch to the Foamer Cap (nozzle).
4. Squeeze the No.2 Bottle gently and apply the foam to your hand.
5. Apply the foam to your Dry Hair.
6. Massage your hair firmly and gently.
*Make sure the foam is all over your hair.
7. Leave the foam on your hair for 20~30minutes.
8. Rinse off thoroughly.
9. Use the hair conditioner to coat your hair.


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