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Santen PC Eyedrops
★★★Treatment for PC & Smartphone Users★★★

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Does your eyes hurts after hours spent in front of your PC Nuking monsters and other aliens or by coding like a maniac? Well don’t worry that’s unfortunately normal, but in order to make things much easier for you, the Japanese company Sante Pharmaceutical announced the new “Sante PC” eye drops!

This 12ml eye drops have been designed to fight against the damage of “blue lights” emitted by today LCDs and thanks to its Vitamin B12 and B6, Sante PC will ease your pain and allow you to continue working or playing without pain.

Brand new to the market in Julyd 2013, these advanced eye drops are made by Santen, the makers of Sante FX. 

The blue light that computer monitors and smartphone screens emit can be stressful for your eyes. To treat this, Santen have developed these new drops to help your eyes cope with modern life. 

Key Features:
1. Contains the maximum level* of vitamin B12 for improvement of visual accommodation, chondroitin sulfate sodium for corneal protection, and vitamin B6 for enhancement of tissue metabolism in damaged eyes.
2. Contains a total of eight ingredients that relieve eye inflammation and fatigue, thus keeping your eyes fresh.
Check out the very cool website here!

Usage: Apply 1-3 drops in each eye up to 6 times daily. 

Size: 12ml

Made in Japan

Check out the very cool website here: