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Sante FX Neo

Sante FX Neo

Sante FX Neo â produced by Santen in Japan â are one of the most refreshingly powerful experiences you will ever encounter. Santen, who makes an extremely wide range of drops, rates their products on a cool scale of 0 â 5. The labelings have been made easy to understand, even for us Westerners.

The office favorite, and by far the most powerful stuff Santen makes, is definitely the Neo FX brand. First, you must be careful not to go straight to the level 5 drops. These things are powerful, and skipping the first 4 levels of coolness will leave you in for a rude awakening. Itâs much better to start at level 3 or so and work your way up.

So, what are the benefits? Other than bleaching your eyes white, these drops make colors seem brighter and the air crisper. Putting in eyedrops becomes more of an experience instead of a chore. Imagine diving into afreezing cold lake with your eyes wide open. Thatâs the best way to describe the Neo FX â itâs a wake-up call like no other.


Made in Japan


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