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Shiseido Purewhite Drink [NEW PACKAGING]
(50ml x 10 bottles) - 10 days supply



It makes your skin stay white and beautiful and controls age spots, freckles and sun tan.



Featured ingredients:


Asian Goji Berries, Elaeis guineensis oil, Lychee seeds extract, Pearl Barley extract and Camomile extract


Fresh Lychee Flavor



Instruction of Use:


Take 1 bottle a day. Best served chilled


Known to be good for health and beauty since ancient times, wolfberry (Lycium), focusing on the real Secret Power. In addition, Vitamin C 1,000mg and astaxanthin, Gurukoshiruhesuperijin, balanced mix of pearl barley extract in this one, and the power of the component that supports the original because it has The Power W (portable) approach, your light leads to a beautiful shine. 


No additives or preservatives decaffeinated 

Drink well (best when chilled).


Nutritional facts per 50mL (1 bottle):
Energy 10.5kcal 
Protein 0.1g 
Fat 0g 
Carb 2.5g
Sodium 42.5mg
Vitamin C 1,000 mg 

Sweeteners (acesulfame, sucralose), (including some of the raw soybeans) 



The content components may precipitate; don’t worry, the quality is still the same. Drink after opening. Please refer to the ingredients and if you are allergic to any please do not consume. The constitution is not suitable physical condition please refrain from use. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use this product.


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