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Parfum Panic SOS


Frustrated with funky smell? Check out this supplement . . .

Parfum Panic Sos is the answer for most people with offensive body odor. Even with impeccable hygiene, some people may have a tendency of getting body odor.

Good for people who has:

*body odor

*bad breath

*smelly feet

*pissy smell


Persistent body odor despite thorough hygiene can be frustrating and embarrassing. Even with the best deodorants, soaps or hygiene habits, some people are more prone to body odor than others. According to Love To Know Vitamins, body odor is affected by a variety of factors, including age, gender, hormone levels, diet and overall health. The smell we know as body odor occurs when waste from normal bodily bacteria combines with sweat. Although you should speak with a doctor to rule out possible underlying causes of your body odor, you also may find that certain vitamins can lessen this unpleasant phenomenon 

Ingredients: Rice germ and soybean fermented extract, soluble fiber, Yucca extract, quillai extracts, galactooligosaccharides origin of the milk, cellulose, sucrose esters, flavoring, coloring (iron chlorophyllin sodium), acidulant (citrate)


Intake: 2-6 tablets a day

Made in Japan


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