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Fracora Placenta Liquid 150,000mg - 480mL.
480 ml. (30-day supply)
*NOTE: This item is not allowed for shipping overseas.

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Fracora Placenta Liquid 150,000mg
*measuring cup included

Placenta is a real treasure for women.
➡In placenta, you can find vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipid and sugar, 5 of the essential nutrients, essential amino acid being also plenty included.
It is an excellent nutrient for women, not only making the skin more transparent and shiny, but also bringing you a vivid mood every day.


Combining many beauty care and healthy ingredients!
➡Placenta liquid 150000 (480 ml), Placenta 150,000mg 1 It contains a concentrated combination of natural beauty care ingredients that give you vigor like collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin peptide and vitamins, along with royal jelly and asian ginseng extract. 

* 1 Raw materials conversion (for 480 mL placenta extract concentrated powder 10,000mg)

➡With only one time, in 16 ml you can absorb at the same time two important ingredients Placenta 5,000mg and collagen 1,000mg. We highly recommend this product for persons who want to see an immediate result because it is liquid and can be absorbed into the body smoothly. 

Comparing it with other companies product, Placenta is profitable!
➡Placenta is known as a luxurious beauty care ingredient, but Kyowa produced "Placenta liquid 150,000" is extremely reasonably priced. Even when comparing it with other companies placenta supplements, the difference is evident! Please use Placenta by all means in everyday care!

➡ It has a refreshing mixed fruit flavor and it can be taken easily.
In addition, it has no caffeine or sugar added and can be taken any time even before going to sleep.



Pour 16ml. of Fracora Placenta Liquid into the measuring cup. Take it once a day.



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