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Naturactor Powder Foundation
Price: No additional charge

Naturactor Powder Foundation w/ sponge puff


1.) Can be used on its own (Primer)
2.) Easily hides blemishes, dark spots. Has a good coverage
3.) Provide a matte-like appearance
4.) This makes it the ideal choice for people with oily skin -- it doesn't add more shine to the face or clog pores
5.) Good for sensitive skin

Available in 5 shades:

#230 Lightest shade for the naturactor powder foundation. Its suitable for pale or dull skin, once applied it will create a rosy effect on skin.

#240 Second lightest shade but slightly deeper color than the 230, suitable for light skin tone (maputing filipina with a yellow undertone skin)

#243 suitable for fair to medium skin tone. Provides a natural effect on the skin.

#250 medium to dark coverage. Suitable for morena / kayumanggi skin.

#252 Darkest coverage


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